A look back on the best of AFTER-BIOCHEM in 2023

The members of AFTER-BIOCHEM had high expectations for 2023 and collaborated actively to meet them. Let us have a look on the tremendous work achieved in 2023.


The first batches of bio-based organic acids produced within the project were delivered

In June 2023 an important step of the project was reached, when Afyren delivered the first batches of bio-based organic acids produced in AFYREN NEOXY, its plant. What is really encouraging after its completion in September 2022. It represents an important achievement on the path toward the adoption of these bio-based organic acids by the industry and demonstrates the ability of the plant to run. It is also the proof of the excellent work of all the team involved in the project.


AFTER-BIOCHEM was rewarded with several awards

The project received several awards from actors in the industrial and chemical world. Among other, the latest ones are:

Grand Prix Impact

This award recognizes Afyren’s bio-based organic acids among the 100 most innovative solutions within the Grand Prix Impact. The Grand Prix Impact was organized by the World Impact Summit in Paris on November 8-9, 2023. It aimed at rewarding companies that innovate in the best way to push ecological transition forward.

Prix Pierre Pottier

Afyren won the Pierre Pottier award in the “Process” category, for its AFYNERIE chemical process by France Chimie and the Maison de la Chimie in Paris. This prize rewards the best innovations in chemical industry in favor of a more sustainable and eco-friendly development since 2006. It represents an outstanding recognition of the work performed on this project by all partners.

L’Usine nouvelle Trophy

L’Usine nouvelle, a professional media in the industrial field awarded Afyren with its 2023 “Coup de Coeur” Prize.  This prize is conferred to the most innovative and promising plants in France.


AFTER-BIOCHEM was highlighted at several major events

2023 was also the year of experience and knowledge sharing. The partners had the opportunity to attend several events throughout the year. Among many others, AFTER-BIOCHEM was present at:

EFIB – European Forum for Biobased industry and the Bioeconomy

This event, which took place in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands on October 24-25, 2023 is a major forum in the world of the European bioeconomy. It brings together industrial actors, researchers and policymakers for B2B meetings, working sessions and conferences. Chloé Joly, from our partner Bioeconomy For Change represented AFTER-BIOCHEM on this occasion. During the sessions, Christophe Dardel, from Afyren shared insights on “Supporting the Bio-Based Transition” and mentioned the excellent work performed within AFTER-BIOCHEM.

CBU JU stakeholder forum

The CBE JU held its first stakeholder forum in Brussels, on December 6-7, 2023. This was the opportunity to reflect on the future of bioeconomy in Europe. More than 500 stakeholders, researchers, policymakers, industrial actors attended the forum. Afyren’s bio-based organic acids produce in the framework of AFTER-BIOCHEM were showcase during the exhibition. Joachim Merziger, from Afyren highlighted AFTER-BIOCHEM, during his speeches in the sessions:

  • Overcoming the challenges of biorefineries
  • Making bio-based companies and projects bankable


What’s next?

In 2024, the partners will proceed spreading AFTER-BIOCHEM’s message: new bio-based building blocks are available at scale for the industry. The partners will participate in some events as engaging with relevant stakeholders is crucial for the project.