AFYREN-NEOXY is a JOINT VENTURE between AFYREN and the investment fund SPI, a fund operated by Bpifrance. It has been created in 2018 to carry and operate the first industrial project based on the technology developed by AFYREN. AFYREN-NEOXY will have about 60 employees at plant delivery, in 2021.
Before the creation of AFYREN-NEOXY, AFYREN has successfully demonstrated its technology for producing bio-based products (family of 7 natural organic acids) with antibacterial, olfactory and conservation-type performance. These are innovative and efficient solutions for the cosmetics, aromas and perfumes, human and animal nutrition and fine chemicals sectors.

AFYREN’s innovative concept is based on an anaerobic batch fermentation process using naturally occurring micro-organisms, to produce molecules of interest directly from bio-industrial co-products or organic waste. In a second phase, a modification step can be performed to obtain other derivatives with higher added value, optimizing the economic performance of the entire process. The technology is patented worldwide through 9 patent families and is the result of more than 10 years of R&D. It is an all-in-one non-GMO fermentation technology that can be applied worldwide. It makes it possible to develop different types of biomass that do not compete with food chains. AFYREN has made the choice to work as a priority on biomasses available and accessible at European level, for instance, beet pulp, cereals and different vegetables and brewer’s grains.

AFYREN won twice the 2030 Worldwide Innovation Challenge in the category “Plant protein and plant chemistry” and was named ambassador for French Tech – Green chemistry at COP21. AFYREN was selected in FT120 (the 120 most promising start-ups in French Tech) in January 2020 and received the « Efficient Solution » label from the Solar Impulse foundation in November 2019.

Role in the project

AFYREN-NEOXY, partly through the resources provided by AFYREN, will be the project coordinator, responsible for the construction of the first biorefinery until it's ramp-up phase. In this context, it will be leading or contribution to several working groups of AFTER-BIOCHEM.
The processes are developed with a required parameter of maximum reduction of effluents, targeting zero waste emission, which is achieved by the industrial valorization of the gas and the energy and agricultural valorization of the solid residues from fermentation. These aspects are optimized to increase the economic balance. This activity is based on AFYREN experience and knowhow of : bioprocesses such as fermentation (physicochemical control, characterization of biotransformation, knowledge of naturel anaerobic microbial mixes) and chemical expertise (synthesis, extraction, distillation, drying, characterization of molecules on an industrial scale).

Socio-economic and ecological impact assessment will be performed with the support of Sphera to build best practise guidelines, driving project replication accross Europe. Communication about the project and deissemination will be managed together with IAR - The French Bioeconomy Cluster.