Objective & Concept


AFTER-BIOCHEM proposes and innovative global concept that consists of an entire process at industrial scale to transform current agricultural processing co-products into competitive organic acids and ester with lower environmental impacts. The project is raising the following challenges :


  • Building the first flagship biorefinery within the « CHEMESIS » chemical platform sited Carling Saint-Avold, France.
  • Maximizing the valorization of the side streams of sugar refineries and securing the feedstock for the flagship biorefinery.
  • Producing industrial quantities of multiple high added value natural products.
  • Demonstrating a range of consumer-oriented biobased solutions competitive with equivalent fossil-based products.
  • Ensuring the replicability of the production process on various resources.


  • Maintaining jobs in local areas: locating the biorefinery close to feedstock sources will promote implementation in rural areas


  • Reducing CO₂ emissions, compared to equivalent fossil-based organic acid production.