Fragrances & flavoring

Organic acids are building blocks used in the flavor and fragrance industry. For example, valeric acid is known for its strong musky flavor.

Personal care

Organic acids are used in « personal care » in a wide range of applications. The utilisation of a combination of organic acids can instil a variety of skincare benefits as antioxidant, anti-ageing protection or moisture retention. They also are building block for the production of esters widely used in the personal care industry; for example, they are used in nail polish production.

Food & Feed

For food applications, organic acids are mostly used as additives for food preservation.

Regarding feed application, organic acids are used as a substitute for antibiotics to improve animal health.


Organic acids are used in the pharmaceutical industry as a synthetic tool or as medicine. Many molecules, including an organic acid moiety, have beneficial effects.

Industrial chemistry

Organic acids have many roles in industrial chemistry. First of all, they can be used directly in applications such as paints.

Organic acids can also be used as synthetic molecules for the plasticiser industry, synthetic lubricants (refrigeration oils, aviation turbine oils, etc.).