SUEZ is a world player dedicated to water and waste management, pursuing its international growth by reconciling sustainable development and profitability. SUEZ is active in the fields of design and commercialization of wastewater treatment systems, anaerobic digestion, waste management including organic waste, and in research and development activities related to the previously mentioned fields.
With 90 000 employees on all five continents, SUEZ represents more than 120 years of effort to meet the new needs of customers, in local authorities and industry, as they face new environmental and societal challenges: designing and operating smart and sustainable cities, saving resources and reducing the environmental footprint, adapting to climate change, producing differently by integrating secondary raw materials in the production chains, creating alternative resources, or developing local and renewable energy sources by waste recovery. With the full potential of digital technologies and innovative solutions, the Group recovers 17 million tons of waste a year, produces 3.9 million tons of secondary raw materials and 7 TWh of local renewable energy. It also secures water resources, delivering wastewater treatment services to 58 million people and reusing 882 million m3 of wastewater. SUEZ has, for instance, started internal actions and external actions dealing with the conversion of a large panel of organic waste into valuable products including fermentation processes leading for example to sugars, ethanol or carboxylic acids. The composting platforms and industrial sites of anaerobic digestion treat more than 1Mt of organic waste per year.

Role in the project

SUEZ will be participating mostly in the WP2 (T2.5 New feedstocks for improved social and environmental techno impact”) and WP6 “Sidestream handling” by providing new feedstocks to be tested on AFYREN technology, demonstrating the potential of replication and its economic interest. UEZ will participate in the WP6 with the evaluation, and the characterization of the generated fertilizing products through its dedicated JV company TERRIAL to guide the commercialization of this valuable sidestream. SUEZ will also contribute to the Life Cycle Analysis, bringing its expertise and knowledge on waste sourcing and resource transformation.