Kemin Europa NV is based in Herentals, Belgium, and is a subsidiary of the privately owned Kemin Industries, Inc. based in Des Moines US. Kemin Industries improves the quality of life by touching half of the people of the world every day with nutritional products and services. The group has more than 2500 employees worldwide, manufacturing plants located in 9 countries and business operations in 120 countries.

It owns over 200 patents and applications and its global turnover exceeds 800 million USD. Kemin Europa NV covers the entire feed additive market in EMENA (Europe, Middle East, Russia and North-Africa), has more than 290 employees and a turnover of approximately 100 million EUR. The products from Kemin Europa NV that are based on organic acids (propionic acid for mould inhibitors, butyric acid and other medium chain acids to promote gut health in farm animals) represent more than 15 million EUR of turnover and are thus of strategic importance for the company. Kemin Europa NV has been in the feed additive business since 1972 and has grown consistently through its innovation in products and services.

Role in the project

Kemin together with Firmenich (International Leader in Fragrance and Flavors) and Fiabila (company dedicated to nail polish) will evaluate the bio-based carboxylic acids from the flagship biorefinery’s for their respective transformation processes and applications. A very advantageous point of the participation of such end-users in the consortium is the diversity of the covered applications and markets: flagrance, perfume, preservatives, additives for feed and food, resin base, polymer base. Kemin will play an active role in the extraction and purification of test batches of carboxylic acids for user validation of the test batches and evaluation of the technical performance for the main market applications.