Firmenich is the largest privately-owned company in the Perfume and Flavor business. Swiss and family-owned, they have created many of the world’s favorite perfumes and flavors enjoyed by billions of consumers each day. The firm has created perfumes for over 100 years and produced a large number of well-known flavors. Firmenich employs 7,000 people across 63 facilities. Major competitors include Givaudan, International Flavors and Fragrances, Frutarom and Symrise. Firmenich develops breakthrough innovations to meet changing global needs, and its portfolio of flavor solutions is considered to be the most technically advanced in the industry. The company seeks and develops market-leading technologies and ingredients to create highly customized flavor solutions. Firmenich works hand-in-hand with their customers, providing global experts, creators and chefs at the disposal of customers to advance innovative green protein production and consumption with applications that are nutritious, tasty and sustainable. Firmenich’s vast experience ensures that its teams are consistently creating the most appropriate and tailor-made flavor solution for each of their customers’ unique product needs. The Global Regulatory Services team (GRS) supports Flavors, Fragrance and Ingredients divisions, ensuring that all of its products adhere to laws and regulations. Firmenich uses the most up-to-date comprehensive tools, including a global regulatory database specifying legislative status of flavoring materials and ingredients. Firmenich is a member of the European Flavour Association and with an industry-leading 10% reinvestment commitment back into R&D, is constantly innovating to anticipate quickly-changing consumer needs.

Role in the project

Firmenich uses a broad array of carboxylic acids to produce fragrance & flavor. Consequently, Firmenich will evaluate, within the work-package 5 "Biorefinery Product performance evaluation and validation" nearly all carboxylic acids from the flagship biorefinery's production to confirm their performance in Firmenich's own processes and applications. For Firmenich, this project is an opportunity to develop natural and bio-based COSMOS-certified products, including a range of Natural Acids (e.g. Acetic Acid & Butyric Acid) and Natural Esters (e.g. Ethyl Acetate and Ethyl Propionate) for food and perfumery applications and support the flagship biorefinery to follow relevant regulatory constraints.