Fiabila is the only nail polish manufacturer with worldwide-based state of the art installations allowing its customers to access clean, green, safe and regulatory compliant products manufactured under the most exigent environmental, social and ethical standards.

Role in the project

Fiabila uses ethyl acetate, synthetized from acetic acid, in nail polish formulations. Within the AFTER-BIOCHEM consortium, the company will test the performance of the ethyl acetate for nail polish production in WP 5 "Biorefinery Product performance evaluation and validation". For that, it will check the purity of the product, compare petroleum-based and bio-based ethyl acetate and develop a nail polish formula containing this solvent. At each stage of the scale up, Fiabila will test the product. Once the ethyl acetate production is at the industrial level, Fiabila will develop the nail polish formula containing the biobased compound for testing. The product test will comprise standard quality control (physical and chemical characterization) as well as evaluating certain specific aspects. The step of formula performance evaluation will be the development of new thixotropic products; the physicochemical evaluation of the formulation and evaluation of formulation properties on users. After validation of the formula, Fiabila will scale-up the formulation process at the industrial level.