AFYREN / SüdZucker partnership

Formalisation of the AFYREN / SüdZucker partnership

AFTER-BIOCHEM’s partners, Südzucker and Afyren, have signed an agreement to collaborate in the supply of AFYREN NEOXY, a biorefinery that will manufacture 7 natural organic acids using the technology developed by AFYREN.  

Südzucker, one of the world’s largest sugar manufacturers and suppliers, commits with this agreement to supply sugar beet co-products as feedstock for the AFYREN NEOXY biorefinery. On the other hand, AFYREN, which provides the technology developed over 10 years, ensures a secure supply to produce seven 100% bio-based organic acids at industrial scale. 

This partnership serves as an example and promotes the development of other long-term synergies for the European bioeconomy. In this context, AFTERBIOCHEM would like to congratulate two of its partners for this successful agreement that reinforces the development of the project and of a sustainable value chain. 

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