AFTER-BIOCHEM in BIO-raffiniert XI



Christophe Luguel, Director Europe at IAR – the French Bioeconomy cluster, participate in the Online Congress BIO-raffiniert XI organised by Fraunhofer UMSICHT. He presented the key role of start-ups in the new generation of biorefineries in Europe by highlighting the biorefinery concept’s evolution since 2007. He stressed that European start-ups were not expected to lead complex and risky projects such as flagships at that time. Yet, the example of AFTER-BIOCHEM and its coordinator AFYREN-NEOXY proved they could succeed and significantly contribute to the biorefinery concept in 2020.



Bioeconomy start-ups are driven with strong environmental and economic values relaying on:

  • The creation of new and local value-chains
  • The reduction in the dependence on non-renewable resources
  • Stimulate the regional economy
  • An ambitious & sustainable plan to replicate the biorefinery concepts

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